February 12, 2019

Delos Team Highlight: Spatial Informatics Group

Delos is fortunate to have some of the world’s most outstanding talent on our team, and we’re excited to highlight them in a series of posts. Today, we’re highlighting not just one individual, but a whole team of incredible scientists: Spatial Informatics Group.Spatial Informatics Group (SIG) is an interdisciplinary think tank specializing in complex environmental geospatial problems. Their team includes dozens of PhD level academic researchers, data scientists, and geospatial analysts. These analysts are also specialists in fields such as landscape ecology and forestry, and are experts in using tools such as complex statistical analysis and data science, machine learning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, spatial data mining, and dynamic spatial modeling.Delos is partnered with SIG and works closely with their principal scientists to create our disaster models. These principal scientists are truly world-beating in their fields-- they’re university professors who are also founders and directors of university research labs. They’ve published in the most prestigious academic journals and have have authored a long list of research papers that are frequently cited by the news media. They’ve been featured at UN Climate Change summits and conferences, and created models as a joint venture with NASA.Besides such impressive academic achievements, these scientists also have a proven history of applying their research to industry. SIG has created models of wildfire and hurricane disaster risks for state, national, and international government agencies, NGO’s, private companies, and utilities. Among their many relevant projects is the creation of wildfire risk maps for Cal Fire and the California Public Utilities Commission.Partnering with SIG is an enormous privilege, and their extensive experience has allowed Delos to hit the ground running in creating our models. The rest of the Delos team has been floored by the brilliant work that they’ve done and continue to do, and we feel incredibly lucky to have them on our team!

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Delos is an insurtech Managing General Agent that writes property insurance for wildfire-exposed homes. Delos leverages new data and machine learning to create more accurate wildfire underwriting risk models, enabling Delos to offer competitive pricing in high-risk regions.

Delos also leverages their analytics into a real time risk mitigation service to re-envision the consumer experience and protect consumers’ homes.

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