October 6, 2022

Delos Insurance Recognized as MGA/MGU of the Year by Inside P&C

Delos Recognized for New Solution for Insuring Climate-Affected Properties

NEW YORK, NY, September 29, 2022Delos Insurance Solutions, an InsurTech MGA that writes property insurance for wildfire-exposed homes in California, was recognized as the MGA/MGU of the Year by Inside P&C at its 2022 Inside P&C Honors award event in New York City. The Inside P&C Honors award celebrate the outstanding achievements and exceptional talent from the United States wholesale, specialty, and reinsurance markets.

Delos was selected for its new industry solution for insuring climate-affected properties that vertically integrates catastrophe and climate modeling expertise into all levels of an MGA - from its view of an individual risk through to portfolio level exposure. This structure allows Delos to immediately take action as new behaviors evolve in wildfire peril and ensure a profitable portfolio as the climate continues to change. 

Kevin and Shanna receive the award

Delos marries its expertise with data from its full suite of wildfire models to aggregate and analyze exposure and concentration to drive profitability. Through its platform, which is enabled by a novel geospatial AI algorithm and over one hundred data layer inputs, Delos offers consumers in wildfire areas a range of programs and products while delivering profitable and diversified portfolios to insurers, reinsurers, the Lloyd’s market, and the collateralized capital community. 

“We are thrilled by this recognition from Inside P&C and its illustrious panel of judges for our work to revolutionize how catastrophe exposure is insured,” said Delos CEO and co-Founder Kevin Stein. “Catastrophes previously categorized as 100-year events are now occurring with increased regularity, and often striking simultaneously in multiple regions, while fire events are beginning to appear in areas with no prior history of occurrence. Delos’s solution mitigates this risk by leveraging scientific understanding of the exposure to predict where new fire activity will occur, which keeps homeowners safe while creating profitable portfolios.”

Because of Delos’s approach and model accuracy, they have not insured a home yet that has burned - vastly outperforming the rest of the insurance industry. For multiple California home insurance portfolios, Delos's underwriting and portfolio exposure control approach have been able to reduce the portfolio's loss ratios multiple orders of magnitude. Because their model only serves them, Delos can continuously update the data set with new information, allowing the team to adapt and react to new evolutions in the wildfire peril to be persistently profitable as climate continues to affect this catastrophe.

about delos

Delos is an insurtech Managing General Agent that writes property insurance for wildfire-exposed homes. Delos leverages new data and machine learning to create more accurate wildfire underwriting risk models, enabling Delos to offer competitive pricing in high-risk regions.

Delos also leverages their analytics into a real time risk mitigation service to re-envision the consumer experience and protect consumers’ homes.

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