April 27, 2021

Delos Insurance Solutions Announces New Capacity for California Homes in Wildfire-Stressed Areas

Delos Insurance is thrilled to announce that we've added new reinsurance capacity partners, resulting in a five-fold increase in capacity for our home insurance program.

The partnership couldn't have come at a more dire moment for California homeowners: insurance availability and affordability continue to worsen, as the market sees rates climbing higher and non-renewals showing no sign of relenting. The partnership also comes at an opportune moment for Delos Insurance and our partners. After launching last year with backing from Canopius US, the overwhelming demand that we've experienced has allowed us to characterize the marketplace in finer detail, and it quickly became clear that a variety of market opportunities could be segmented to align with pent up capacity appetite. We look forward to leveraging our new capacity partnerships to do exactly that.

The press release is at this link, and the full text is below:

Delos Insurance Solutions Announces New Capacity for California Homes in Wildfire-Stressed Areas

A+-rated capacity enables more California homeowners to secure reasonably-priced insurance protection

San Francisco, CA, April 27, 2021 – Delos Insurance Solutions, using aerospace expertise to solve insurance availability and affordability issues, today announced an agreement with A+-rated reinsurance companies that will result in a five-fold increase in insurance capacity for California homeowners in areas prone to wildfires. The new reinsurance capacity is provided by Arch Reinsurance Ltd. (Bermuda) and the Lloyd’s of London syndicate, Arch Syndicate 1955 (formerly Barbican Syndicate 1955). Both companies are part of the Arch Capital Group, Ltd., which is rated A+ by A.M. Best.

Delos, which was founded by aerospace engineers, uses satellite imagery and proprietary modeling technology to quantify a home’s actual wildfire exposure – to address a frequent miscategorization between “exposed” and “stressed.” The Delos model identifies homes in stressed areas of California that cannot find insurance protection but are not highly exposed. With this knowledge, Delos underwriters can confidently insure homes that other insurance providers consider too risky.

“Many people living in wildfire-stressed areas simply cannot find reasonably-priced homeowners insurance, if they can find insurance at all,” says Kevin Stein, CEO and co-founder of Delos. “We are pleased that the reinsurance market is recognizing that, with our leading-edge models, many homes in areas written off by other carriers are insurable.”

“This new capacity means that many more California homeowners will now be able to buy insurance to protect what for many people is their largest investment. It provides an alternative to the California Fair Plan,” said Stein. “We are delighted to have this new capacity, and we look forward to expanding our relationships with reinsurers to make reasonably-priced insurance available to even more homeowners.”

“Innovation in risk segmentation through the application of technology provided a key solution to help homeowners and communities afford the coverage they need, and it’s encouraging to see this added capacity in a strained market,” added Lara Mowery, Global Head of Distribution for Guy Carpenter. Guy Carpenter placed the reinsurance for this newly added capacity.

Reinsurance companies stand behind policy-issuing insurance companies, enabling them to write more policies at higher limits.

About Delos Insurance Solutions

Delos Insurance Solutions uses cutting-edge technology to offer insurance protection to homeowners in communities abandoned by other insurers because of wildfire risk. Founded in San Francisco in 2017 by aerospace engineers, Delos uses satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to identify insurable homes within territories deemed too risky by the rest of the insurance market. Delos is a Managing General Agent (MGA) offering policies on behalf of Canopius US Insurance, which is rated “A-” (Excellent) by AM Best.

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Delos is an insurtech Managing General Agent that writes property insurance for wildfire-exposed homes. Delos leverages new data and machine learning to create more accurate wildfire underwriting risk models, enabling Delos to offer competitive pricing in high-risk regions.

Delos also leverages their analytics into a real time risk mitigation service to re-envision the consumer experience and protect consumers’ homes.

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